Mary Price

I am a painter making bright, uplifting, colourful paintings in my award winning* shed studio in Bristol. I am inspired by the natural world, travel imagery and colour sprinkled with a very big dose of imagination.

My paintings are distinguished by a loose, free flowing style, lots of interesting mark making and a strongly contrasting colour palette. Work is intentionally made to exude optimism and joy. I want my paintings to be the colour burst in the room and to make people feel good.

Where the art happens

This is where I make my paintings in my brightly decorated garden studio. In 2019 this studio won a prize in the Shed of the Year for workshop/studio category.

My ’shed of the year 2019’ garden studio


My work is collected internationally and I now have paintings and funky folk art style decor adorning walls in four continents. Many customers have commissioned paintings for milestone birthday and anniversary celebrations. The paintings shown here include examples from reoccurring themes in my art, travel inspired arches, palm trees and my signature happy trees.


I have completed dozens of commissions over the past few years. Popular subjects include meadows, happy trees, palm trees and travel inspired paintings.

A meadow commission completed in 2022 © Mary price 2015 -2022

Bristol Water vans

You can see my work on Bristol Water vans driving around the city of Bristol. I’m very proud of the collaboration with my local water utility company. Four local artists were approached by the company and the van pictured below can be seen all over the city of Bristol. The original painting used for the van decoration was from my Happy Tree series.

One of my ’Happy Trees’ on a Bristol Water van

TV appearance on ‘Home is where the art is’

I’ve appeared in an arty programme on BBC One called ‘Home is where the art is’ that was broadcast in the summer of 2020 and repeated in 2021. The programme was hosted by Nick Knowles. Unfortunately the programme is currently unavailable on iplayer but as soon as it becomes available again I will post a link here. It was an amazing experience and I appeared with two other amazing artists; stained glass artist Annette Jackson and abstract artist Ed Swarez.

Hand painted hearts and doves

Affordability and accessibility is important to me and I love to make small original pieces of folk art style wall decorations. Several series of these are offered from time to time throughout the year. These collections tend to sell out quickly so you do need to be on my mailing list for first dibs ( just saying).

Early in 2022 I designed a series of wooden hearts. These sold out (in time for Valentines Day) – this will probably become an annual thing. Here are some of the hearts – possibly along with the doves the most affordable way of owning an original painting as each one is unique.

Palm tree paintings

During the pandemic recently I revisited an old favourite image – the palm tree – which is in many ways my muse. I painted 100 palm trees in as many days and you can view the collection (most of which has sold) in the Original Paintings section of this web site. There are still some beauties available so do take a look.

Early on in the very first lock down I started to paint small palm trees on canvas. At a time of uncertainty these were a balm for my anxiety and really cheered me up. They were offered up as my gift at a very affordable price – I think people liked them because we couldn’t travel and just looking at these happy little images served as an alternative to being able to take a trip somewhere warm. I will be painting more of these little canvases in the future.

Travel inspired paintings

In 2022 I created a series of travel inspired paintings that can be seen in the original paintings here

Sandals Collaboration

If art on sandals is your thing take a look at the funky Birkenstock sandals collaboration I have with Michael Grey Sandals factory.

Sometimes I like to give away art and I have participated in the one of many post card fund raiser set up by print maker John Peddar on Instagram quite a few times now. The idea is artists make art and post it for free and the recipient donates to a charity, not for profit or cause that is important to them.

Art Giveaways for one of many postcard

Here are some of the paintings I offered recently.

* Shed of the Year 2019 Winner (Studio/Workshop category)

In this image I am holding ‘Queen of Palms’ (©Mary Price 2015 to 2022) from a series of paintings completed for the 100 Project where I painted a painting of a palm tree every day for 100 days between 1 February 2021 and early May 2021

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