Let me make something special for you

I do accept commissioned paintings from time to time.

This page guides you through the process and gives you some helpful hints on the considerations to think about when commissioning art with me. Read the detail below to discover how to commission a painting.

Please note that currently I am only accepting commissions from UK based customers.

A few words on commissioning art

Commissioning art is very different to buying a painting off the peg.

Be sure that you like what I make by looking at paintings on my website and looking at my daily posts on Instagram before you commission me. This may seem obvious but I work in a certain way, have a very distinctive style and you need to have fallen in love with my style of painting if you are planning to commission me to make something just for you. I have decided recently to change my commissioned paintings offer.

I will now offer you the opportunity to commission a Mary Price style original painting but I cannot be restricted any longer to painting in a certain way as I have over the past year found that to churn out paintings that are the same or similar to previous paintings is stifling and that you will not necessarily get the best possible offer from me.

That said you can say that you would like a palm, a travel inspired painting or a meadow but you need to trust that I will create the best possible painting if I am not requested to make the painting to precise instructions but left to make you something intuitively. Trust me – you will get a much better painting!

Paintings on canvas

Canvas size

1 metre x 1 metre/40 x 40 inches £1,500.00

90cm x 90cm/36 x 36 inches £1,400.00

80cm x 80cm/30 x 30 inches £1,300 .00

These prices include all materials and a painting that has been created and finished with two coats of acrylic varnish for protection. The price remains the same for acrylic, mixed media and paintings that include some gold leaf work.

Please ask me about other sizes. Those shown are the sizes that I work in most frequently but I can work to landscape and portrait shapes in any size to suit the imagery that you would like me to create for you.

I can get custom sized canvases made up but this is more costly than going for a standard size. Please note that transporting a 30 x 30 inch canvas is relatively low cost but that anything above this size is significantly more expensive to send to you.

Payment is via invoice that allows card payments to be made to me remotely.


If for any reason after beginning the commission I feel that the painting is not working I reserve the right to cancel the commission.

What is not included

Delivery and packaging costs are not included in the over all price.

Please note that I now only accept commissions from UK based customers


Even for bespoke paintings made as commissions all copyright for the artwork remains with me. Purchase of a painting is for personal enjoyment in your home or corporate workplace if this is a corporate commission. It does not extend to or allow permissions to reproduce or to sell the image to any third party for use on products, prints or any other items. Art licensing of any paintings or imagery by Mary Price is not permitted. All Art Licensing enquiries must be dealt with directly with me and purchase of a painting does not mean a transfer of copyright to the new owner. You can contact me about art licensing using the contact page on this website.