Let me make something special for you

Did you know that you can commission me to paint something bespoke for you or for your organisation?

I love working to commission – there is something so special about being involved in creating something unique, personal and bespoke. This page guides you through the process and gives you some helpful hints on the considerations to think about when commissioning art with me. Read the detail below to discover how to commission a painting.

Commission me to paint you a Happy Tree

Commission me to paint you a travel memory inspired painting

A few words on commissioning art

Commissioning art is very different to buying a painting off the peg. It is important to agree expectations around imagery, colour palette, size, medium, surface and price. I work with you and we agree by email the detail of your commissioned painting so that we are clear about what you want me to deliver and I am clear about payments.

Details will be sent to you after our initial correspondence and discussion. I generally have a Skype call with you at the outset to gather information about what you would like me to paint and this forms the content of the ‘contract email’.

I want you to be happy

I want you as the buyer to be happy with the painting so we need to be as clear as we possibly can from the outset about what you hope for me to create for you so that I deliver something beautiful that you will treasure for a life time.

It goes without saying that my art has a signature style that is bright, colourful, vibrant and uplifting. I create happy art that is all about making a bold, optimistic statement that will brighten up your space and I hope fill your heart with joy.

Popular subjects for commissions include Happy Trees, Travel Memory Paintings, Palm Trees, Arch Inspired Art and Meadow paintings.

Be sure that you like what I make by looking at paintings on my website and looking at my daily posts on Instagram before you commission me. This may seem obvious but I work in a certain way, have a very distinctive style and you need to have fallen in love with my style of painting if you are planning to commission me to make something just for you.

Commissioning art is a collaboration

Commissioning art is very much a collaboration between you as a buyer and me as artist. I make every effort to involve you in the process and share the detail of the painting as it progresses so that you have the chance to influence and suggest ideas as we go. This will be in the form of emailed progress pictures or direct messages on Instagram so you get an insight into the way the painting evolves as it is brought to life.

It may be that you have colours you particularly want or have seen a similar painting that I have made in the past that you would like me to emulate. Or maybe there are some special symbols, words or images you would like me to include so that the painting resonates with you on a more personal level.

Don’t be afraid to ask for something unusual or to get creative

Think about the subject, size, colours, mood and imagery you want me to integrate into your commissioned work of art. Are you looking for something totally abstract or do you want imagery?


There is an up front fee that is non returnable with commissions to cover the set up costs. This fee will vary with each commission as costs depend on the surface and mediums used to create the work and also the size of painting being created. These costs also recognise the time and effort I put in during our communications but they are offset against the final agreed price of the finished painting. See below for broad guidelines for the prices.

Commissions are more expensive than buying an off the peg painting because it is more challenging working to a brief and therefore more time consuming than working intuitively. Painting in this way is very different to normal freedoms associated with making art because there are two parties involved in the creation of the work so the process is a little more protracted and complex. That said I want to keep everything as easy and friendly as is humanly possible, to work within your budget and be absolutely fair about the entire process.

Paintings on canvas

Please note that the set up cost is non refundable. This cost will however be deducted from the final sale price when final settlement is requested. I only charge the set up cost because time and expenses are incurred prior to the commissioning process and this is simply to cover my costs if I spend time and money and the sale does not go ahead for any reason. I ask that a simple contract email agreeing to this is responded to before I commence work on commissions, also that this sum is paid in advance of commencement of work. I invoice for this sum in the month leading up to commencement of work.

Canvas size

1 metre x 1 metre/40 x 40 inches £1,300 (set up cost £300)

90cm x 90cm/36 x 36 inches £1,200 (set up cost £300)

80cm x 80cm/30 x 30 inches £1,100 (set up cost £300)

60cm x 60cm/24 x 24 inches £850 (set up cost £300)

These prices include all materials and a painting that has been created and finished with two coats of acrylic varnish for protection. The price remains the same for acrylic, mixed media and paintings that include some gold leaf work. Every painting comes with a hanging cord and a certificate of authenticity.

Please ask me about other sizes. Those shown are the sizes that I work in most frequently but I can work to landscape and portrait shapes in any size to suit the imagery that you would like me to create for you.

I can get custom sized canvases made up but this is more costly than going for a standard size.

Payment is via invoice that allows card payments to be made to me remotely.


We will agree up front the timescale for the work. The timescale will be determined by me and if extra work is required by you as the buyer such as more delicate details being added in we can renegotiate price based on the time this might take to do. Factors that will be brought into consideration include my work load at the time when you get in touch and the urgency from your perspective if for example the commission is to celebrate an event or a birthday or a gift that needs to be ready in time for a special date.

Clarity from the outset is important so we will try to avoid extra costs and I will always aim to build in time to include last minute adaptations into the over all schedule agreed between us. As mentioned earlier the painting is a kind of collaboration and I am very committed to working on a painting that will make you happy!

What is not included

Delivery and packaging costs are not included in the over all price as these are so variable depending on where in the world the painting needs to be sent but before I start I will research postage or courier and give you options to suit so you know exactly what to budget for.

I always prefer to send work tracked in the UK and for international sales my advice would be to opt for courier such as DHL.

Framing is not included in the price. Postage of heavy glass frames is very expensive and there is too high a risk of the painting frame breaking and damaging the painting.

Customs and Excise duty costs

I am not responsible for any customs and excise duty that may be added to the painting if this is charged in the country the painting is being sent to. Please check if such charges may be incurred.

Some important considerations if you are based outside of the UK

If the painting is being sent overseas the best option is for me to remove the canvas from the stretcher bars and roll the painting into a tube. You will then need to take the painting to a framer and ask them to re-stretch the canvas. I paint the edges of the painting either white or black so it is easy for the framer to match up the edges onto a new set of stretcher bars. I also use standard size canvases so this is not a complicated or lengthy job for a framer to do. Canvas paintings look good unframed but if you prefer a frame they look wonderful in floater frames. Obviously you need to budget for the framing option you prefer.

Alternatively I can use a specialist art packaging company but this will bump up the cost to you although the extra is worth it as you can then receive the canvas and put your painting on your wall immediately without the fuss of getting it re-stretched.

Paintings sent to UK address can be boxed or wrapped and sent via courier.


Even for bespoke paintings made as commissions all copyright for the artwork remains with me. Purchase of a painting is for personal enjoyment in your home or corporate workplace if this is a corporate commission. It does not extend to or allow permissions to reproduce or to sell the image to any third party for use on products, prints or any other items. Art licensing of any paintings or imagery by Mary Price is not permitted. All Art Licensing enquiries must be dealt with directly with me and purchase of a painting does not mean a transfer of copyright to the new owner. You can contact me about art licensing using the contact page on this website.