Travel Inspired Art new series release

Bring some colour joy into your home with an affordable original painting.


8. Palm at the Alcazar Gate

38. Ode to freedom palm

46. Palm with orange sun

48. Dancing Palm with orange moon

Between February and May 2022 I worked on a series of travel inspired paintings on paper. The majority of the paintings feature abstracted palms which are for me the embodiment of travel memory.

The imagery shows an emotional response to places based on sketches, photographs and memories. I am striving to communicate the way places make me feel often using the palm image as a conduit for emotion.

Take a look at the paintings and press the blue button below to buy or to ask me questions about the series. I make it easy to buy and if the painting you like is available I invoice you so you can pay securely with a card.

Paintings are reserved for four days from date of invoice. If the invoice is not paid in that time the invoice will be cancelled and the painting will be taken off reserve and offered again.

Please note all images shown here are ©Mary Price 2015 to 2023 all rights reserved.

1. ‘Fiesta Palm Tree Party’ SOLD
2. ‘Memories of Cadiz under a sunlit moon’ SOLD

3. ‘There’s Magic in the Air’ SOLD

4. ‘Springtime in Cadiz Palm’ SOLD

5. ‘Palm for Peace’ SOLD

6. ‘Palm for Peace 2’ SOLD

7. ‘Palm for Peace 3’ SOLD
8. ‘Palm at the Alcazar Gate’ acrylic and ink on 15 x 11 inch watercolour paper £95.00

9. ‘Fiesta Palm Party’ SOLD
10. ‘Palm Blues’ Gifted as part of one of many postcard
11. ‘Pink Palm Party’ SOLD
12. ‘Walking home after the Party’ SOLD
13. ‘Happy Palm’ SOLD
14. ‘Silver Rain Palm’ SOLD
15. ‘Dream Palm’ SOLD
16. ‘I’m ready for the party Palm’ SOLD
18. ‘Celebration Palm with a sparkling moon’ SOLD
19. ‘Summer is here Palm’ SOLD
20. ‘Happy Summer Days’ SOLD
21. ‘Secret garden Palm SOLD
22. ‘Firework party Palm’ SOLD
23. ‘Walking in a green and golden paradise ’ SOLD
24. ‘Dancing beneath the stars’ SOLD
25. ‘Mystery and moon glitter’ SOLD
26. ‘Joyful Palm’ SOLD
27. ‘Spring Garden Palm’ SOLD
28. ‘Cosmic Firework Palm’ SOLD
29. ‘Palm and Shooting Stars‘ SOLD
30. It’s a beautiful day’ SOLD
31. ‘A coffee in the Plaza and a palm in the breeze‘ SOLD
32. ‘Paradise Palm’ SOLD
34. ‘Palm with pink and gold highlights’ SOLD
35. ‘Sea mist Palm’ SOLD
36. ‘Blue rainforest with a sparkling moon’ SOLD
37. ‘Purple party Palm’ SOLD
38. ‘Ode to freedom Palm’ acrylic and ink on textured A3 watercolour paper £105.00
39. ‘Summer is here Palm’ SOLD|
40. ‘Celebration Palm with a sparkling moon’ SOLD listed twice
41. ‘Sunrise palms’ SOLD
42. ‘Ready to party’ SOLD
43. ‘Bright summer morning’ SOLD
44. ‘Love travel palm’ SOLD
45. ‘Let’s dance Palm’ SOLD
46. ‘Palm with orange sun’ acrylic on 15 x 11 inch textured watercolour paper £95.00
47. ‘Spring green Palm’ SOLD
48. ‘Dancing Palm with orange moon’ acrylic and ink on 15 x 11 smooth watercolour paper £95.00
49. ‘Titanium sprinkled Palm’ SOLD
50. ‘Blue moon Palm’ SOLD

The small print

Some paintings measure 15 x 11 inches and some are on A3 paper. All paintings are made onto either smooth or textured quality water colour paper. The paintings do not have borders . The images go right up to the edge of the paper.

Each painting is named in pencil on the back. Some paintings have the series number but as I changed tack as I was working the series is actually not 100 paintings in total – all paintings are signed on the back.

All 15 x 11 paintings are offered for £95.00 and the A3 paintings are £105.00 plus tracked postage to where you are. This is £10 for UK customers.

All paintings have been photographed in normal day light but I am not able to control any slight differences in colours as they appear on your phone or computer. All care has been taken to photograph each painting as accurately as possible.


All paintings are sent UK Royal Mail tracked. Once the painting is on its way an email will be sent to you with the tracking number. The paintings are placed into a cellophane art bag for extra protection and then placed into a card reinforced envelope.

International sales

It is very important that you read the terms and conditions for sale. There is a link at the foot of this page detailing considerations you should think about before purchasing if you are an international buyer living.

How to buy

All you need to do is to press the blue button at the top of the page which takes you to my contact page where you can email me. I just need to know which painting/paintings you would like to buy and if you live outside of the UK so I can quote accurately for shipping. I answer emails each morning at around 0800 GMT and will get back to you as quickly as I can. Invoicing is done so that you can pay easily and securely with a card and a space is given so you can enter your delivery address details when you pay.

If you have any questions about the series please feel free to ask using the same contact form.

Full terms and conditions can be found here