Hand painted bird wall decorations

In the run up to Christmas 2019 I designed a plywood bird shape that was laser cut as a surface to create a series of bohemian style bird wall decorations. Here is a little slide show of many of the birds created during this time. I made 90 so there was quite the production line going on. However each bird was painted as an individual mini painting with unique markings. They were fun to make and soon I will be launching a new series in sets of three.

There are a few of these birds still remaining so do get in touch if you are interested in buying and I can email the remaining designs to you so you can choose your favourite.

The bird collection is an ongoing series of painted wall decorations. Each bird is a unique work of art and possibly the most cost effective way of buying an original artwork at just £30 for one.

The birds are painted onto a laser cut template made of 6mm plywood to a unique design by me. The colourful birds are painted in my trademark intuitive style featuring interesting mark making and have a folk art feel to them. Many people have told me they remind them of both Mexican folk art and Aboriginal art.

I have never been to Mexico but it is definitely on the list as is a return visit to Australia.

The birds are very lightweight and can be attached to the wall using command strips.

New birds will be added as they are painted

Postage is extra £3.50 in the UK standard, £7.40 tracked.

International orders are £12.50 tracked.