Design detail for application

This is my application for a Bristol Unicorn Design. I was unable to upload to the form so I am including this page which is not currently viewable on my web site at present as part of my application.

My Unicorn is inspired by and celebrates the open green spaces in Bristol and particularly the way areas of the Downs and Ashton Cout were left to grow wild during No Mow May.

The images below are all A1 size paintings that can easily be saved as A4 images for the bid. I decided to make larger paintings using the unicorn template provided as a pdf so that I could highlight the distinctive way I create abstract flower designs. The over all look will be a colourful and uplifting unicorn filled with optimism – something we all crave now.

The legs will include abstract grasses and the body area will be filled with abstract floral inspired shapes.

The face, horn and tail will be painted in metallic gold with possibly some daisy shapes interwoven.

The unicorn name could be ‘Love Bristol Unicorn’ or ‘Meadow Unicorn’. I also intend to include little hearts and kiss shapes with the flowers, especially if the ‘Love Bristol’ name is selected.

I also have an idea for a Festival inspired Unicorn if given more time to submit.

Side view
Other side view
Front view