Paintings for Ukraine

It’s really hard to even begin to understand or comprehend what is happening and how the people of Ukraine must be feeling right now.

So what I am planning to do with some of the remaining paintings in my palm series painted last year as part of the 100 project is to offer four originals and to donate 50% of each sale with This is a recently created hashtag on Instagram to enable people to reach out to those who want to buy art but also to know that a significant proportion of the proceeds will be going to help. I will donate 50% of any sales to the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

Buyers will be offered a discount on the normal price for paintings shown below as a special incentive. I normally sell these paintings for £85.00 but for the appeal I will reduce the price to just £65.00. Postage will be free but this is offered to UK only because of the cost of posting internationally.

Here are the paintings I am offering. I have chosen paintings with the yellow and blue colouring in solidarity but actually this is my favourite colour combination

13/100 ‘Palm in Paradise 1’ 15 x 11 inches acrylic on watercolour paper SOLD


22/100 Daintree Sunbeam Palm 15 x 11 acrylic on watercolour paper SOLD


38/100 ‘Abstraction Palm’ 15 x 11 inches on watercolour paper SOLD


51/100 Rhapsody in Green 15 x 11 inches on watercolour paper SOLD

To buy please email me using the contact page here. I will respond to emails as quickly as I can.