I specialise in bold expressionist paintings using intuitive processes. What this means is that I usually start a painting without a clear plan about what the outcome might be.

I like to work in a free and chaotic way to create work that has an energy and dynamism that comes from the sheer joy of making marks and playing with colour.

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My paintings are quite abstract and imaginary but I like to include imagery and symbols collected and inspired by travel, the natural world, memory and emotion.

I believe painting to be a mysterious alchemy where this freedom of expression and playful use of colour and mark-making can produce extraordinary imagery. For example in the image above I am working on a painting from my current tree series – the inspiration came from a beautiful walk in a ‘hidden valley’ in the Tramuntana Mountains. We walked through pine forest, olive groves, fig orchards and ended up in a meadow filled with spring flowers.

This painting started as a mess of marks and the tree image gradually emerged as the painted surface revealed to me what direction to take. Once I had committed to the image the emotional response to experience kicked in as I remembered elements of how the beautiful walk made me feel. The leaves, paint scribbles, mark journeys and colours are a response to a magical memory and not an attempt to represent accurately. My paintings are  emotive responses to what I see, what I remember and what I want to create.

Working without a plan enables my work to unfold in response to the way the paint moves and the marks build up. Sometimes images reveal gradually based on the thoughts that preoccupy in the moment and sometimes the paintings are completely abstract.

I believe that a painting can become whatever you want it to become. You are not always in control but that’s the magical bit. Images suddenly emerge, colour combinations start to sing and past experiences are subconsciously revealed. I have always painted from memory in a kind of free form flow that allows experience soak up followed by transfer.

I work in acrylics and mixed media on canvas, wood panels and paper.

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