Exhibtion at Alchemy 198

The next chance to view my work will be at Alchemy 198, an arty bar on Gloucester Road in Bristol. The exhibition will be on show throughout the month of May. included will be paintings from my recent tree series plus an enormous new painting that should hopefully be ready for next Wednesday when the show begins. There will not be a launch this time but the exhibition will be up for the full month of May.

STOP PRESS: The exhibition has been extended for the entire month of June

Boho fiesta tree image ©2019 Mary Price

My paintings will be hanging upstairs in the bar area. There is also a gallery downstairs with a full programme of events. For more information on Alchemy 198 see their website

The images below show some of the progress shots of the large painting that I have yet to name. It features a wild abstract meadow with birds swooping out into the sky.

details from latest unfinished painting image ©2019 Mary Price

I love to work into the detail of the abstract flowers. They are entirely imaginary and emerge gradually as the colours layer over each other. Acrylic paint is so forgiving – if you make a mistake it’s easy to wait for the paint to dry and then to do a bit of a makeover!  As a habitual bodger this is probably a good thing – mistakes simply don’t matter – in fact they are to be embraced for what they can teach you.

Speaking of bodging if you missed my ruminations on how great it is to make mistakes when making art you may like to hop on over to my recent blog post on How to be an artist. The post has made ripples out there in the art world and I’m proud to say that the Pittsburg Arts League in the USA have decided to print the article in their latest news letter which is rather lovely. 

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