Inspired by Porto

Today I am sharing a selection of paintings inspired by Porto.


Porto inspired paintings current works in progress in my shed – image ©Mary Price 2016


Current work in progress  – fiesta colours bursting into the canvas ©Mary Price 2016


Fiesta inspired work in progress ©Mary Price 2016


Detail from one of my Porto window paintings ©Mary Price 2016

Curiouser and curiouser - secret lives lived ©Mary Price2016

Curiouser and curiouser – secret lives lived
©Mary Price2016


11 thoughts on “Inspired by Porto

  1. Hello Mary Thanks for your latest artist in the shed. I too have found that my faces have come under many influences.One the earliest was Leonardo himself and many have compared my faces as redolent of Michelangelos frescos on the roof of the Systine Chapel. But modesty forbids me to comment.However with due diligence you may soon rival my very distinctive artistic talents. May your magenta never turn puce Love Dad


    • Dad – I would say that your faces played a pivotal role in my artistic awakening. And did you know that puce is actually one of my favourite hues? Ever in gratitude for your ongoing guidance in my artistic endeavours. Love Mary x

  2. Wow. I love this series. The color and the tons of tiny lines are really getting to a place of a beautiful unique look. Keeping going that route it’s beautiful!

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