The Backpacker

Well I had no idea that the backpacker would emerge in this painting and that is part of the magic of the intuitive process. 

The Backpacker – 2015 ©Mary Price 2015

Starting off with the building up of layers of acrylic in a variety of marks and colours as I have been doing for much of this year it was a surprise but certainly testament to how this process utilises the subliminal

The figure was not initially a backpacker – she was going to be a tribal goddess with a fantastical palmtree headdress. But then I saw a shape that started to come out at me that was her backpack. 

The headdress has become a symbol for the way travel opens up new worlds and colours. The merging of the figure into the landscape is a metaphor for blending in to new environments. The backpack is covered in little symbols representing sites and experiences – a rich bag filled with memories.