20/100 paintings

Here are my first 20 paintings completed for the 100 artworks challenge. I have used a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas covered board and gessoed MDF. The media used for each painting includes acrylic paint, acrylic pens, fine detail markers and sharpie pens. It’s good to have completed one fifth of the challenge – only 80 more to go!

The techniques used in these paintings are to a degree influenced by lessons learned on an intuitive painting e-course that I recently participated in that revealed some great techniques around acrylic layering. I am using the 100 challenge to experiment with acrylic layering, intuitive painting and to hone my style. These paintings are all fairly small in size to enable the 100 challenge to be achievable in a six month time frame.



The 100 artwork challenge

I have recently signed up to the 100 artworks challenge, joining over 200 artists from around the globe, in an effort to build up a body of work and also to try to hone my style.

The challenge was set up on Facebook by artist Kellee Wynne Conrad earlier this month. It’s a fantastic group with some really beautiful creations and lots of feedback from other artists If you are interested in taking part just visit Kellee’s blog http://www.artistwriterdreamer.com

You just have to wait a short time for Kellee to accept your request to take part. I am finding it hugely inspiring to see all the different styles of painting and learning so much from the experience. There are no rules as such but Kellee suggests that everyone attempt to stick to a theme and a medium. This little painting is acrylic on 300 gm paper.

I am working intuitively playing with marks and colour and building up depth through layering and applying the paint with a variety of tools.

IMG_5604 My theme is to work intuitively on organic creations ( I have deliberately kept the theme quite loose to give me lots of freedom) using acrylics. I have reached 14/100 and the intention is to continue to post here as well as on my Instagram account @artistintheshed. If you wish to view process and paintings in progress then do feel free to sign up to follow me on Instagram as I post there more frequently. All work will be for sale in my Etsy shop that I plan to open in the near future. I hope you enjoy the paintings – I’m having lots of fun making them!

This painting is inspired by organic forms that emerged intuitively, it’s all about colour, pattern and dots! IMG_5615